In Conversation With Paul Eagland, Managing Partner at BDO UK

In the bustling heart of London, Paul G. Andrews, the CEO of GlobalWatch Films, and Paul Eagland, the Managing Partner of BDO UK, came together to explore the profound impact of cinema on social change and understanding. From tales of historical events to explorations of geopolitics and examinations of mental health issues, each project discussed is a testament to GlobalWatch’s commitment to using film as a platform for meaningful discourse.

Who is Paul Eagland?

Paul Eagland grew up in East London as one of five siblings, sharing a three-bedroom terraced house in a neighbourhood where opportunities were scarce. However, amidst these challenges, he possessed a natural aptitude for mathematics and a remarkable ability to adapt to diverse environments. Today, he serves as the Managing Partner of BDO UK, a leading accountancy and business advisory firm with a workforce of 7,500 individuals across the United Kingdom. Paul’s unwavering dedication, coupled with his innate talents and ability to adapt, enabled him to navigate obstacles and seize opportunities along his journey.

The Conversation

As the conversation unfolds, it becomes clear that both men share a common vision: to create films that not only entertain but also enlighten, that touch hearts and minds, and inspire meaningful dialogue and action.

In a world where cynicism often reigns supreme, where profit margins often dictate creative decisions, GlobalWatch dares to prioritise heart and feeling above all else. Their films are not just products; they are journeys that invite audiences to laugh, to cry, to reflect, and to ultimately emerge with a deeper understanding of the world around them. And with leaders like Paul G. Andrews and Paul Eagland at the helm, the future of cinema—and the world—looks brighter than ever.