American Scoundrel

Hero, adulterer, bon vivant, murderer and rogue, the life of the notorious Civil War hero General Dan Sickles.

Genre(s):Historical Biopic
Budget:US $30 million
Runtime:150 mins
Shoots:Summer 2020
Delivery:Spring 2021
Producer:Paul G Andrews

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Thomas Keneally American Scoundrel Interview

Thomas Keneally and Paul G Andrews, CEO of GlobalWatch Films, chatting openly and enthusiastically about their new screenplay ‘American Scoundrel’ following the life of the notorious General Dan Sickles, based on Tom’s novel of the same name. They talk openly about why the project will be such an amazing epic and why a really great actor will need to play Dan Sickles as well as ideas of who would be great to direct the movie.

27 mins 27 secs

Paul G Andrews discusses American Scoundrel with Thomas Keneally

Paul G Andrews, CEO and Producer at GlobalWatch Films, discusses one of his current projects ‘American Scoundrel’ with the author/writer Thomas Keneally. Thomas is the Man Booker prize-winning author of Schindler’s Ark (later made into Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List).

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