Tasha Walton


tasha walton

Tasha spent her formative years studying theatre with Troublemaker Theatre Company, both performing and devising for eleven years, along with an intention to study history at university, being the granddaughter of British historian and author John Walton. However, she instead decided to prove her skills as a historian by completing an Extended Project Qualification entitled “Which theory most likely explains the disappearance of the Roman Ninth Legion?”. She later undertook a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of South Wales in Scriptwriting .

During her studies, she carried on performing for other writers and began producing music videos with media company Social Peach Collective (SPC13), most notably for grime artist Modulation. An excerpt from Tasha’s television comedy drama series Shameful and Disgusting was performed at the Underdog Scriptwriting Festival in Cardiff, as well as having her poignant short film script Wait put on display at her university in an exhibition celebrating creative talent…

The third year of her time at university saw Tasha begin working part time for GlobalWatch Films as an Associate Producer, going full time upon graduating. Writing script reports and synopsis’ for GlobalWatch, combined with her passion for history, led to her to co-write the feature film An Island Apart with Paul G Andrews.