Recoupment Process

The investor will recoup, subject to profits, all of their initial gross investment.

A CAMA (Collection Action Management Account) account will be set up to collect all revenues for the film. This is an independent third party specialist company e.g. Freeway Entertainment Group, a rights management company specialising in collection account management, revenue sharing and distribution within the global entertainment industry.

Revenues from box office, VOD (Video on demand – Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime…), Red Box, DVD sales, planes / boats / other transports and other ancillary markets such as worldwide TV networks and syndications, will also be collected by the CAMA account assuring total transparency for the investor. Payments to the Sales Agent who have sold the film to various territories will have their fees deducted from gross profits. The industry standard varies from 15-20%.

Executive Producer credits are available. Please speak to a member of the GlobalWatch team for more details. This will give investors a very close look at the filmmaking process and would be ideal for investors or family members looking to build a profile or career in the UK film industry.

Revenue by Source

Below is a typical breakdown of a film’s income by source:


For Low-Medium-High sales estimates please contact a member of the GlobalWatch team.