Juliana & the Medicine Fish

Directed by Jeremy Torrie

Executive Producers: Paul G. Andrews, Adam Beach, Jim Compton, Phyllis Laing
Producers: Paul G. Andrews, Tanya Brunel, Jeremy Torrie
Starring: Emma Tremblay, Adam Beach

Writer/director Jeremy Torrie teams with acclaimed children’s author Jake MacDonald to adapt MacDonald’s popular children’s book about a father struggling to save his financially-strapped fishing lodge while simultaneously working to salvage his relationship with his twelve-year old daughter. When the adventuresome young girl makes a startling discovery in the ancient waters that surround the lodge, the lives of both father and daughter will never be the same again.

The movie is currently being taken to market.


White Unicorn International Film Festival

Miami Independent Film Festival

Juliana & the Medicine Fish

Rome Independent Prisma Awards

TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival

Art Color Digital Cinema International Film Festival

Florence Film Awards

Druk International Film Festival

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

New York Independent Cinema Awards

New York Independent Cinema Awards

Tagore International Film Festival

Best Poster
Best Script
Best Narrative Feature
Best Producer
Best Debut Filmmaker

Europe Film Festival

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