Celebrating a Milestone: Honored at the Tagore International Film Festival

Our CEO, Paul G Andrews, has been awarded the prestigious “Honorary Awardee” title at the Tagore International Film Festival! This recognition is particularly special as it marks the festival’s 5th anniversary, and his work has been selected from among the best projects submitted over the past five years.

Receiving this award is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion that Paul has poured into his journey as an independent filmmaker. The jury at the Tagore International Film Festival, comprising esteemed critics, meticulously reviewed numerous submissions and found his project to be a standout example of the power and innovation that independent cinema can offer.

This Honorary Award is not just a personal achievement but also a recognition of the significant path that independent filmmakers like Paul carve in the industry. They push boundaries, tell unique stories, and inspire audiences worldwide. To have his work acknowledged in this manner is incredibly humbling and encouraging.

Paul is immensely grateful to the Tagore International Film Festival for this recognition. It is a significant milestone in his career and motivates him to continue creating meaningful and impactful films. He is also excited about the opportunities this award will bring, including the upcoming interview and the chance to share more about his creative process and future projects with a wider audience.