Paul G Andrews chats with Thomas and Meg Keneally

Paul G Andrews, CEO at GlobalWatch Films, jokes with Thomas Keneally, and Meg Keneally introduces Fled.

1 min 21 secs

Paul G Andrews with Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo

Paul G Andrews, CEO of GlobalWatch Films works with President Obasanjo in 2013 on the launch of his African Foundation aimed at improving healthcare, education, and agriculture across Africa.

2 min 08 secs

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov discusses VTB Bank and investment in Russia

Former Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov and Paul Andrews discuss Russia’s growth since the break up of the Soviet Union, as well as how VTB bank is raising capital and encouraging investment into Russia.

2 mins 16 secs

Jan Ove Waldner Interview with Paul G Andrews

Paul G Andrews, CEO of GlobalWatch Films and ex English Schools U19 table tennis international, chats candidly with friend Jan Ove Waldner, twice World Mens Singles Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist just prior to a BBC televised invitation tournament in 2007 at the Royal Albert Hall, including clips of Waldner at his best and them playing each other casually in 2013 after another event.

12 mins 48 secs

Paul G Andrews chats with Dr Antonio Gellini

Paul G Andrews talks with Dr Antonio Gellini on a variety of topics including humanitarianism, epic historical films, and Antonio’s experiences including as founder of the Family Film Awards and the World Film Institute.

14 mins 37 secs

Paul G Andrews chats about upcoming Irish project with Thomas Keneally

Man Booker Prize-Winning author of Schindler’s List Thomas Keneally chats candidly with GlobalWatch Films CEO Paul G Andrews about their upcoming Irish epic The Great Hunger and the true story behind the project.

6 mins 28 secs

Steven Spielberg celebrates Thomas Keneally’s 50th anniversary as an author

Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg thanks Thomas Keneally for his career success and friendship. Thomas Keneally likens the global phenomenon that is Schindler’s List with a new historical epic feature film called The Great Hunger set during the tragedy of the Great Irish Famine of 1847-1852.

4 mins 30 secs

Boogie Man (2018) Trailer

Watch the Boogie Man (2018) official trailer.

Roving Reporter Spots GlobalWatch CEO and Legendary Author

Paul G Andrews talks with legendary author/screenwriter Thomas Keneally about one of our upcoming projects,To Asmara.Thomas is the Man Booker prize-winning author of Schindler’s Ark, which was later renamed Schindler’s List (later made into Steven Spielberg’s seven Oscar-winning movie).

The Great Hunger Interview in Sydney, Australia

With the backdrop of the Sydney Opera House, Paul Andrews and Thomas Keneally (screenwriter of The Great Hunger) discuss their epic movie based on the Irish famine. An impromptu interview following a week finalising the screenplay.

American Scoundrel Interview in Sydney, Australia

Paul G Andrews, CEO and Producer at GlobalWatch Films, discusses one of his current projects American Scoundrel with the author/writer Thomas Keneally.

The Great Hunger Trailer

The Great Hunger Concept Trailer

The Last Transport Trailer

The Last Transport Movie Trailer (Concept)

2 mins 22 secs.

The Great Hunger Interview with Thomas Keneally

Thomas Keneally talks to Producer/Writer Paul G Andrews about their epic screenplay The Great Hunger and its comparisons to Schindler’s List

11 mins 31 secs

To Asmara Interview with Thomas Keneally

Thomas Keneally, Man Booker Prize Winning author of Schindler’s List, and Paul G Andrews, CEO of GlobalWatch Films, discuss their African set film epic together covering FGM, chemical weapons, Fascist leaders, Live Aid, and the profile of Tom’s novel, To Asmara.

15 mins 14 secs

American Scoundrel Interview with Thomas Keneally

Thomas Keneally and Paul G Andrews, CEO of GlobalWatch Films, chatting openly and enthusiastically about their new screenplay ‘American Scoundrel’ following the life of the notorious General Dan Sickles, based on Tom’s novel of the same name. They talk openly about why the project will be such an amazing epic and why a really great actor will need to play Dan Sickles as well as ideas of who would be great to direct the movie.

27 mins 27 secs

Hollywood Montage

GlobalWatch Films supports gender and race equality in film.

6 mins 27 secs

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