Pablo Vergara

Associate Producer

Pablo Vergara

Pablo Vergara was born in Mexico City. At the age of 12 he relocated to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon where he studied and graduated from the ITESM Tech Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communicational Sciences in 2009. In 2016, he won a partial Talent Scholarship to the prestigious New York Film Academy where he studied a Masters in Fine Arts in Filmmaking in the New York Campus and received a certificate for his first year in September 2017.

For over 20 years he has been piled up a vast body of work including, but not limited to: Producing, Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography and Editing on Feature Films, Short Films, Music Videos, Commercial Videos and Documentaries. He is also an actor with various credits on short films and music videos. He has various credits and awards in Photography. He is also a Web Designer and a published author, professional musician and music scorer.

He is most well known for his film ‘Necromurder’, which he wrote, directed, produced and starred in. The story is inspired by the real murder of Oysten Arseth AKA Euronymous from the metal band Mayhem and is partly biographical. The 30 minute film won the award for Best International Fictional Film at FICIME Festival in 2019. The film has been expanded into a Feature Film and is currently in post-production. Amongst the cast it features the award-winning South African actor Jonathan Pienaar (Blood Diamond, Empire of the Sharks, Troy: Fall of A City) and the introduction of the tattoo legend Paul Booth in an acting role. The film is in current negotiations for shooting more scenes with some well known celebrities and a WWE wrestler.

Pablo is currently writing the third screenplay for the NECROMURDER Franchise and pre-production has already started for the sequel.

Some of his other works include screenplays such as ‘The Darkest of Fears’, a vampire story that took him ten years to write, ‘Behind the Sun’, a serial killer thriller inspired by an FBI unsolved crime of a real murderer still at large and ‘Heart of Doom’, a sci-fi/thriller of a cursed heart that gets transplanted to multiple people and destroys their lives.

He is a composer and a musician with over a 25 year career in music, an experienced guitar player, singer and keyboardist with many musical projects where the most well known is ‘Dynasty of Darkness’ which includes several guest musicians with Grammy Awards and Golden Records wins. His debut album ‘Empire of Pain’ shares credits as co-producer along with the metal icon Steve Tucker of the world famous band Morbid Angel.

Founder and President of The List Productions (2006 – Present)

He is Sofia Vergara’s relative. She is the daughter of his grandfather’s brother.