GlobalWatch Films, established in 2013, is a British film production company dedicated to creating a variety of feature films for worldwide distribution. It is our goal to build the company into one of the leading independent film and TV production companies in the UK, becoming renowned for producing award winning films. We expect to quickly achieve that goal having won numerous awards for our two latest films Boogie Man (more than 55 awards including 17 Best Film Awards) and Juliana & the Medicine Fish (more than 10 awards including four Best Film Awards). As of February 2024, our incredible screenplays have picked up more than 130 awards between them in festivals across the world including Rome, Los Angeles, Venice, Las Vegas and London.

We believe that investing in feature films via tax efficient vehicles can create a very rewarding environment for film investors. It is, in our opinion, critically important that the subject matter of the film, the quality of the screenplay, and the global marketability of the film are paramount in enabling both new and professional film investors to maximise their returns and to share in the billions of dollars of profit that are generated by the best films produced.

The Company has an experienced team of successful individuals in the film industry, and is supported by an elite creative team with decades of experience in all genres of feature films. These include notable figures such as double Oscar nominated director Roland Joffé, known for his humanitarian films The Mission and The Killing Fields, who is directing two of our upcoming movies The Great Hunger and American Scoundrel; Thomas Keneally, the Man Booker Prize winning author of Schindler’s List, who has worked on two of our screenplays, one of which is based on his novel; Meg Keneally, an award winning screenwriter and novelist; And acclaimed producers like Chris Debiec, who work closely with Paul G. Andrews, an international award winning writer/producer.

GlobalWatch is a company that supports gender and race equality in films. We believe it is an integral part of life that all people should be treated equally and a number of our films expose or deal with issues such as social or political injustice in some of the biggest historic epics to be made over the next few years.

We also support green initiatives and campaigns to raise the profile of global warming, solar energy and other renewable energies, climate change, and other associated issues.