On Par

On Par is an emotion-ridden and violent tragedy about a teen hip-hop artist who meets a forbidden love whilst trying to keep his head above water in a tempestuous sea of bitter gang rivalries and the dangers of youth in London.

on par
Genre(s):Music, drama
Director:Elizabeth Blake-Thomas
Writers:Paul G. Andrews, Beth Kates
Budget:US $6.5 million
Runtime:105 mins
Shoots:Late 2024
Producer:Paul G Andrews


L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival

Cult Critic Movie Awards

International Independent Film Awards

Play Film Festival

Druk International Film Festival

Kosice International Film Festival

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

Tagore International Film Festival

Tagore International Film Festival

Screen Power Film Festival

Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards

Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards

CKF International Film Festival

Prix Royal Screenplay Awards

Five Continents International Film Festival

Rainbow Cinema Awards

Best Script Award Festival

London Independent Film Awards

LGBTQ Unbordered Film Festival

Venice Film Awards

Niagara Falls Film Festival

New York Independent Cinema Awards

Montreal Independent Film Festival

LA Sun Film Fest

Genre Star Film Festival

London Indie Film Fest

Cheonan International Film Festival

Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood

New York International Film Awards

Virgin Springs Cinefest

Film Boxe International Monthly Film Festival

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Canadian Diversity Film Festival

Toronto Film and Script Awards

Oniros Film Awards

Royal Society of Television and Motion Picture Awards