How can I get involved with the projects?

If you contact our office via the contact link, one of our team will get back to you with all the relevant information as soon as possible.

I have some questions about investing

Click here to see our specific investor FAQs

I have some questions about SEIS/EIS

Click here to visit our specific SEIS/EIS FAQs.

Where can I obtain more information about investments?

Please visit the Contact page and fill in the form, one of our team will be happy to send you an investor pack.

Who can I contact about job vacancies?

Please contact our office to speak to one of the team.

Can I complete work experience at GlobalWatch Films?

We have offered work experience in the past. Please contact our team to find out if there is space available and if the time is right for you and us.

How can I submit my script?

We are not currently accepting submissions at this time.

Still have a question?
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