Investor FAQs

How long does it take for a film to become profitable?

This varies on a number of factors, and also on a film to film basis.

From pre-production, through filming and then post-production, it often takes 6 months on average. There will be a limited time for advertising and promoting the film (approx. 6 weeks). Then, unless the film goes to a festival(s) first, it will be in cinemas for a run of approximately 4-8 weeks. This is when the film will likely start bringing in money and, depending on its success, will start to become profitable. 

There are then several revenue avenues that a film will go down including but not limited to: Video on Demand services (VODs), pay-tv, airlines, free-to-air tv, DVD etc. This mean a film can continue to make profits long after its cinematic release.

How do you plan to reduce the risks?

There are several ways in which we can negate the risk for each project, including receiving tax credits in the countries in which the projects are filmed, and pre-selling the project to multiple territories (US market, UK market, Europe, South America etc.). For more information about this please see our investor pack (available via online form request here ).

Can I invest in more than one project?

Yes! There is no limit as to how many projects anyone can invest into.

What is the minimum/maximum investment?

It varies on a project by project basis, but the absolute minimum investment is £5000/US$6000. There is no maximum investment generally speaking, however there is a limited number of shares for each project. Depending on how many shares have already been allocated, it is possible to buy all shares in a project. If you wish to invest more than that amount, we can offer shares in one of our other projects.

How are you different from other independent film production companies?

We have an incredibly experienced team including a Man Booker prize winner, former Student Academy Award winner and Emmy winner, as well as many other extremely talented and experienced individuals working with us. 

As well as this, we have sent all of our screenplays to top screen-reading agencies in LA and have put in the time and money to develop them to the highest standards, so they are the best of the best.

Furthermore, most independent production companies have extremely low budget films often resulting in a poor-quality final product, spend little to no money on P&A costs, as well as getting poor distribution deals. We are different in that we have a medium budget slate of films from a variety of genres, we already have an exceptional P&A campaign plan, and we are in the process of approaching top distributors for multiple territories, not just the UK.

What if you don’t get all the money you are asking for?

If this happens it is possible to obtain gap-finance to top up the budget to its total. There are also many film funds that we have spoken to and would be in a position to approach should we need to.

How are the profits shared?

After investors receive their 20% premium all profits are splits 50-50 to investors-production. Any contractual promises with actors, director etc. regarding a percentage of the profits is taken out of the production side of the profits, so any investors will always split a full 50%.

Can I see how my investment is spent?

We are happy to provide potential investors with a budget breakdown (subject to the signing of a confidentiality agreement), and any investors that have shares in a project will receive periodic updates on the films as they progress.

I want to know more about the projects before I invest.

No problem! Please fill in the contact form here or call us directly and we will be happy to send out an investor pack for your chosen project.

Can I read the script for my chosen project?

For most investors it is often more useful to read the treatment or the screen report for a project as opposed to a script. However, should you want to read the full script we would be happy to send it (subject to the signing of a confidentiality agreement).

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