Matthew Syed: Ode to Jan Ove Waldner

Matthew Syed is an author and highly acclaimed speaker in the field of high performance. He has written six bestselling books on the subject of mindset and high performance – Rebel Ideas, Bounce, Black Box Thinking, The Greatest, and his celebrated children’s books, You Are Awesome and The You Are Awesome Journal – and has worked with many leading organisations to build a mindset of continuous improvement. He is also a multi-award-winning journalist for The Times and a regular contributor to television and radio. In his previous career, Matthew was the England table tennis number one for almost a decade. 

Here he talks about ‘true sporting legends’ and one that is his personal hero, Jan Ove Waldner, table tennis Olympic Gold Medallist and twice World Champion, and somebody who competed and regularly won  for over three decades with the best of China and became a true icon there.

matthew syed