36 Years on from Live Aid and Ethiopia is in crisis again.

Almost 36 years ago on the 13th of July 1985 people across the globe gathered in their billions (yes that’s a b) to watch the Live Aid concerts held in London, UK and Philadelphia, US. 1.9 billion people across 150 nations watched the live music concerts held to raise funds for the devastating famine that was affecting Ethiopians. The war that was going on at the time between Ethiopia and Eritrea is the basis for GlobalWatch Films’ upcoming film To Asmara, based on author Thomas Keneally’s first-hand experiences during the war and the famine.

ethiopia, Live Aid
Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, July 13th 1985

Netflix’s ‘The Greatest Night in Pop’ Trailer (2024)

Now once again Ethiopians are being thrown back into turmoil thanks to the ongoing Tigray crisis in the North of the country. Ethiopia is on the brink of civil war and the citizens are at risk not only of starvation but ethnic profiling, violence and separation from families and loved ones.

Simien Park, Ethiopia. Image by Peter Wieser from Pixabay.

The below links provide a bigger picture of the crisis, as well as information on how you can help support aid for those in need in the region.

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Action Aid has been working in Ethiopia since 1989 and is currently focussing on providing thousands of families who are desperately hungry with urgently needed food, water and shelter.


Save the Children is supporting those in Ethiopia who have been affected by the drought and crop failures.


Unicef helps children across the world everyday, including in Ethiopia.