Coronavirus: The Racial Inequality

The world is facing a global crisis. The COVID-19 crisis has swept across the Earth at an alarming rate, leading to unprecedented country-wide lockdowns. Whilst those with underlying health conditions are warned that they are most at risk – and the statistics from the Chief Medical Officer confirm this – there is another demographic who are winning the lottery that no one wants to win. Racial minorities are finding themselves at a higher risk of suffering and succumbing to the deadly Coronavirus. Is this because of genetics? Or more likely is it due to the disparities in society that are still not being addressed by governing bodies? Below are some articles that GlobalWatch recommends reading to find out more in the Coronavirus’ racial inequality.

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The Washington Post: Coronavirus is infecting and killing African Americans at an alarmingly high rate

New York Times: Black Americans face alarming rate of Coronavirus infection in some states

ABC News: Coronavirus is disproportionately killing the black community. Here’s what experts say can be done about it.