Elizabeth Blake-Thomas


As a British filmmaker living in LA, Elizabeth Blake-Thomas realized this was the place to situate herself in order to make the most of her skills. Having lived in LA for five years she quickly made a name for herself, writing and directing seven films over the space of two years and selling them to Lionsgate, Showtime and Amazon. She is an award-winning film director as well. Having won several awards for each of her children’s films at Action on Film, Lady Filmmakers and The Christian Film Festival. She has directed a variety of genres: Kids, Family, Rom-Com, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Teen Suicide and Drama.

Elizabeth has spoken on many panels at various Festivals including Cannes, Sundance, Sunscreen, Lady Filmmakers and Toronto. 

Her published book ‘Arabella’ is being turned into a film to be made later this year. Her book ‘Filmmaking Without Fear: Why not!’ Is also out later this year.

She has worked with actors such as Richard Tyson, Rob Mayes, Kelly Sullivan and Daniella Alonso. She works holistically on set ensuring a calm, happy and safe environment. Her crew of 35 people have been with her on all of her films. She makes her sets like a family. Her films have a clear personal style and tone in them and she is unmistakably one to watch.

She has worked closely with the support and producing team of Brookwell/McNamara and Nine Yards Entertainment on her films.

Elizabeth has been able to make a change for women in Hollywood by mentoring many females. On every set she has someone shadowing her. Her panel took place in August 2019 called ‘Are women in Hollywood helping women in Hollywood’ It was about encouraging change for women in the film industry.

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